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Levée de fonds Axé sur l'enseignement et la formation, Blackboard Collaborate est conçu pour être simple, accessible et adapté aux flux de travail du secteur de l'enseignement et des formations. Fiable. Réduire l'aperçu. Commentaires: I mostly used Blackboard prior to the virtual first environment, using it specifically for university classes that usually took place in the summer. The server crashes very often and this can be very annoying because if we are in the middle of something,the progress doesn't get saved automatically. It has helped and improved my grade so much because it lets me know ahead of time when assignments are due, which has helped be more organized as well. It surprisingly is pretty intuitive to use however, but there are still ways that it could be improved upon. Emplois Informatique à Paris Intelligent. NOTE: This mobile app will ONLY work with Blackboard Classroom sites (powered by Blackboard Open LMS) that have been set up to allow mobile app usage. My grades have improved so much with this and I have been so much more organized because it comes with a calendar and reminder of when assignments are due and I … Emplois Informatique à Lyon, Societe.Tech suit l’actualité économique des Startups & des entreprises innovantes de la French Tech (éditeurs de logiciels …), Actualité Start-ups A feature that I would like to see in the future is the mobile app, it could use a little improvement and it is a bit slow, but the desktop version is amazing so it does not really bother me because I usually check and do everything through my desktop. Find out more about the flexible buying programs of Adobe Connect Retrouvez des milliers d’articles sur les, Editeurs de logiciels & progiciels, SSII, intégrateurs, éditeurs SAAS (software as a service) : Faites comme Blackboard Collaborate (Spark ou encore Company Frozendo) en référençant votre logiciel / service en ligne / application cloud / système d’information / suite bureautique sur notre, Logiciels de dictée / reconnaissance vocale, Logiciels d’authentification à deux facteurs, Logiciels d’authentification unique (SSO), Logiciel Collaboratifs - Productivité - Bureautique, Logiciel de visioconférence (meeting - conf call), Logiciels Collaboratifs – Productivité – Bureautique, Logiciels de visioconférence (meeting – conf call), Voir le comparateur de Logiciels de visioconférence (meeting - conf call), Voir tous les prix de Blackboard Collaborate, Comparateur Logiciels de visioconférence (meeting – conf call), Voir toute l'actualité Logiciels de visioconférence (meeting - conf call). So, if I have 50 course documents and want to shift 5 new documents to the top (where they belong) that's almost 250 mouse clicks to re-position 5 documents to where they should be in the first place - duh!! Probabilité de recommander le produit: The software has crashed on me quite often, even with a robust and very capable laptop. I absolutely love this and it has helped be more organized! Great for large groups, has enough features to keep up with the competition including: breakout rooms which work great, screen sharing, whiteboard for demonstrations, moderating for a smooth meeting flow. 4. Blackboard provides effective resources to collaborate virtually both professors to students and students with fellow peers. my overall experience of Blackboard Collaborate is good, As opposed to web casting and video conferencing software, Blackboard Collaborate has interrogations and features that are specifically designed for engagement with the learners/audience, I am a new user of the Blackboard Collaborate's license so far nothing to complain about. "Blackboard Collaborate Review "Commentaires: My overall experience with Blackboard Collaborate is always amazing. Vous êtes à la recherche d’une alternative à Blackboard Collaborate ? Temps d'utilisation du produit: plus de deux ans, Services et technologies de l'information, 11-50 employés, Temps d'utilisation du produit: 1 à 5 mois, Temps d'utilisation du produit: 6 à 12 mois, Enseignement supérieur, 1 001-5 000 employés, Temps d'utilisation du produit: plus d'un an, Plus d'alternatives à Blackboard Collaborate. My biggest problem is reliability and stability. Hopefully that last paragraph doesn't get censored, because that's the source of raw truth. Connectez-vous pour publier votre avis !

Piercing Industriel Homme Signification, Animal Totem éléphant, Gae Aulenti Orsay, Master 2 Rh à Distance Paris, Ad Laurent Jvc,

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